being born in 1981 in Vienna and now living in Berlin, always having an enthusiasm for exploring art and creativity in different fields of media. starting out as a 3d artist and game designer making my way up into renowned art universitys in europe and now starting to dig into film. i cover a wide spectrum of abilities ranging from 2d/3d visualisation, film, interactive design, space installations and programming.


2009/2013          Kunst&Medien at UDK, Berlin
2007/2009          Transmediale Kunst at Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna
2006/2007          Interdisziplinäre Kunst at Kunstschule, Vienna
2003                  Game-/Leveldesign diploma at Games Academy, Berlin
2001/2002          MultiMedia Producer diploma at SAE, Vienna


2012                   freelancer 3d artist at Ortvision, Berlin
2012                   internship at Tamschick MEDIA+SPACE, Berlin
since 2008           freelancer as 3d artist at a:xperience, Vienna
2006                   3d artist at Instant, Vienna
2005                   3d artist & level designer at RadonLabs, Berlin
2005                   3d artist & level designer at Rotobee, Berlin
2004/2005           3d artist at Raum313, Berlin
2004                   internship at RadonLabs, Berlin
2001                   internship at Ericsson, Vienna