colour of x

image film of the collection “the colour of x” designed by Ann-Kathrin Zieger. you can find out more about the collection on her website.


3d modeling, rendering and animation of a steam-punk inspired, 7-screens video installation, produced by ortvision. the installation was shown at the festive occasion “25 years Riedel Communications”, in Wuppertal, Germany. you can watch a film of the event here.


3d modeling, texturing and animation of a 360 degree image film, produced by tamschick MEDIA+SPACE. the film was screened inside the caltex pavillion, at the 2012 world fair in Yeosu, South Korea.

alte pinakothek

real-time modeling and texturing of the “Alte Pinakothek” in Munich, for an interactive museum visit application by a:xperience.


shot on 16mm film, a music video for the dj combo bait’n switch

dodo vs darwin

a small game that was developed in 48 hours at the global game jam 2011 in berlin; you can play the game here


Being happy seems to be a luxury in our time. How long can this delightful life go on. The film tells about the breaking point, when one realizes that the way he is living has come to an end and the desperation of reality grabs at him. His self constructed dreamworld has already fallen apart […]


a short comic and an adventure game influenced by film noir classics as “the third man” by orson welles; for more information and download go here


architecture visualisation for an apartment building in hamburg

a/v invader

a dj/vj tool made with flash, based on the arcade classic space invaders; you can download it here

vodoo lawyers

digital painting

solar sphere

visualisations for an interactive presentation sphere

uccellacci e uccellini

a tribute to pier paolo pasolini’s great film with the music of ennio morricone

leo – ein hase aus niederösterreich

game design, modeling, texturing and animation for a learning game for children, created at, awarded with the austrian “multimedia staatspreis 2007”; for more infos and download go here


some neat character designs

american burger

a video comment to war and imperialism in our time


digital painting

kiss before midnight

leveldesign, modeling and texturing for the successor of the well acclaimed “Singles 2” by Rotobee, unfortunately the company closed in 2005