Being happy seems to be a luxury in our time. How long can this delightful life go on. The film tells about the breaking point, when one realizes that the way he is living has come to an end and the desperation of reality grabs at him. His self constructed dreamworld has already fallen apart and so is his happy character. The change from one person into another, a persona that was always in him, but that was successfully suppressed until this point is shown. Once again he remembers for himself his misdoings that led to this change and finally accepts his fate. In 7 acts his fall is revealed by the means of transformation in his looks and the way his thoughts start to wander from one person, to being both persona at one time and finally becoming his new self.

As an art student I often wonder what will the future hold for me. So many great artists are doing part time jobs or have to abandon their passion just to maintain their survival. Did I made the right decisions in my life or is my current situation just a dream that I will wake up from into the nightmare of reality?

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